About Us

Travzee travel is an inbound tour operator in Myanmar providing comprehensive services to our partners and clients. The company is 100% locally owned, managed and run by enthusiastic professionals.

Our goal is to provide a unique travel experience. We help you create your dream vacation, the unique, and the extraordinary from cruises to trekking. With our destination management experts we can tell you where to shop, what is the latest and the best island hideaway.

We personally, regularly travel the destinations touring the hotels and resorts, inspecting cruises and scouting unique location or destination.

The Company Profile

In this age of the internet, we understand that it would make you worry about if you are connecting the right one or not? You are giving your information to a legally registered company or not and your travel expense?

Travzee travel legally and fully registered by the Ministry of Economic Planning Development and was incorporated under the Myanmar Companies Act.

We are happy to provide you the information and you can always check a company at the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration site.


Company Registration No:  110701640, issued by the Ministry of Economic Planning Development

Tourism Enterprise: T/I(YGN)-0710, issued by the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism

With our professionalism, knowledge, creativity, and care, we create your dream vacation unforgettable! We look forward to talking with you and setting up your dream trip.

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