Myanmar Visa Information

Passport and Visa

A visa is Compulsory to enter Myanmar. Visitors must have a valid passport (at least 6 month from date of entry in to Myanmar) EVT (Entry Visa for Tourist) can be obtained at any Myanmar Embassy/Consulate offices or upon arrival at Yangon airport.

-Tourist Visa => 28 day stay (non - extendable)

-Business Visa => 71 day stay (extendable)

-Social Visa => 28 day stay (extendable)

-Transit Visa => 24 hour stay

All travelers will get a set of document by the airline which needs to be filled and submit to immigration authority at Yangon and Mandalay Intl airport respectively.

Visa on Arrival (VOA)

Pre-arranged Visa on Arrival is available for all nationalities however we still recommend applying for your visa in your home country before traveling.

The service is only available for travelling with Travzee Travel for the duration their stay in Myanmar. The application process ofr Visa On arrival takes at least 14 working days. After getting the approval letter, we will send you a copy of this scanned-authorization by email. You will need to take this letter along with you and present at the airline check - in counter. Upon arrival in Myanmar you will get your visa stamped in your passport and pay 30USD in cash at the airport.

Rules & Requirements for the Visa on Arrival applicant as follows:

- A valid passport with validation at least 6 month from the date of arrival in Myanmar
- Passenger must have a return ticket
- Must have an address of stay in (Yangon/Mandalay). Must stay at licensed hotel, guest house etc
- Must have an address if stay at homes, factory or any other places other than hotel
- Require 2 x passport photo (4x6) centimeter in size which must not be more than 6 months old
- Must be able to obey the law of Union of Myanmar including rules and regulation laid down by ministry of immigration
- Children under 7 years will be exempt from visa fee
- Traveler must obey the the visa rules and regulation
- Must refrain from entering in to off-limited areas

Note: we still recommend applying for a visa in your home country as approval is generally granted further in advance than with the VOA process.

Custom's formalities on arrival

Regulations are generally relaxed for tourists arriving by air in Yangon. Visitors must complete immigration and customs declaration forms during the flight and submit these on arrival. All foreign currencies (if bring more then US$ 10000) may be declare at Custom. Traveler's check, jewelry, cameras and electronic goods etc must be recorded on the customs form which may be checked on departure. Bringing in or taking out Myanmar currency is not allowed. Gems and jewellery purchased from authorized dealers are allowed to be taken out however antiques are not allowed to be taken out of the country.